Why you should use Credit Mavin?

We believe that most of most people use credit card more than 1 so they will face these problem.

  1. You have multiple credit cards and not sure how much you have spent and may have spent over the limit.
  2. Too many slips in pockets, such a hassle to check after getting the bills.
  3. Too many credit cards to choose the right one to use.
  4. Facing issue with interest, minimum payment, flat interest rate & payment tracking.
  5. Forget to pay the bill because you forget the due date and not remembering how many times you have paid.

WE, “Development team”, also faced this situation like you and we really understand all of these problems. So we want to help you by developing this application which can help you in many ways.

1. You will see Total spending of each card in the first page of application.

Total spending of each card will be shown same as credit card statement so you will know the balance of each credit card REAL TIME.

2. Help you make a decision for choosing credit card easier.

Our little green cat will help you manage the credit card by expressing the emotion such as if you set the limit of spending at 50,000 but now you spend almost 50,000, our little cat will cry so please take care our cat by not using over the limit.

3. “Installment feature” will work as secretary to help you manage credit card.

Installment feature will help you manage spending by showing the interest calculation.

4. Analyse your spending via our graph.

Our interesting graph will take the bore out of managing your finance and bill box system will help you save the time when checking the balance in statement.

5. Allow you to memo the transaction easier.

If you want to forget about spending over limit or forget about finding the bill in your pocket, just use Credit Mavin application. Just spend only 3 seconds with our application, credit card management will be easy peasy for you.

6. Show Due date of each card.

Help you decide to use the card that have the longest due date. Moreover, our little green cat will push the notification to you when due date is coming.

7. Don’t worry about Security

No need to fill any information of the card and uses the same 256-bit encryption security that your online bank account does, So these can guarantee that our application is safer.